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Here are some pics of Red, his treats, and his friends enjoying Reds treats !!

IMG_1498 (2).PNG
Chika, Ozzy, and Luna enjoying a Peanut butter and Banana and Sweet Potato frozen treat
IMG_1525 (2).PNG

Reds best friend Tuck enjoying his favorite flavor !

IMG_1550 (2).PNG

Chika,Luna, and Ozzy getting ready to have their treats !

IMG_1554 (2).PNG

Chika,Luna, and Ozzy enjoying Reds Treats !!

IMG_1606 (2).PNG
IMG_1607 (2).PNG

Red's friends Lucy and Olive enjoying a treat !

IMG_1613 (2).PNG

On March 2, JJ and I went to Shultz's Guest house for dogs to donate some of my treats to the pups waiting to be adopted !!

This is Bailey starting to get busy on a treat !

 Here is Daisy enjoying a treat !

IMG_1664 (2).PNG
IMG_1665 (2).PNG

This is Happy and Bia having a race to see who

finishes their treat. Also here is Kay who took hers to her bed. Thanks Judi for the pics.


 Reds made its debut at the Winchester Farmers Market on June 13th. Thanks for everyone who stopped by our tent. We appreciate your support !!


 This is Lexy Cinnamon Bun enjoying her treat right at the market !!!    July 25 2020


This is Wally, Reds new friend from down the street. Wally really enjoyed his treat !!


Red is getting excited for Halloween. His spirit is telling all pups he will be at the Winchester Farmers Market this Saturday October 17 from 930am to 130pm. Come by and get some ghoulishy good frozen treats for you pup!!

IMG_2295 (3).PNG

Reds made a new friend from the 

All Things Dog of Winchester Facebook page.

Here is Chief enjoying a Reds treat


07/25/2020  This is Gracie Lou with an empty cup looking for more 


This is Bodi and Lyla enjoying a treat !!


07/25/2020  This is sweet Blueberry who grabbed some shade to enjoy her treat !!


This is Snow, Sky, and Shelby digging into their Reds Treats !!!


Today is Tongue out Thursday !!! Picture here is Red and Tuck who are so excited about Halloween and all the treats (Reds Frozen Yogurt Dog treats)

Also here is Remy who is all revved up to get at a Frozen Treat !!! 

Reds will be at the Winchester Farmers Market on Saturday October 31 from 930am to 130pm. 


Red wants to wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !!!  He also wants to let all you pup lovers out there know that Reds Frozen Treats make great stocking stuffers. Get your pup some great treats for his stocking !!!

Buy 3 get 1 free !!!!


  Greetings from Red !!! Its been a long winter but spring is getting here. 


 Here is Red and his best friend out for a walk in springtime weather !!!


Here is Red getting ready for spring with his razorboard !!!


Here are some more pups that have become Reds friend. Pictured here are Tuck, Apollo, and Novalee enjoying a Reds Frozen Treat !!

Reds met a new friend at the Winchester Farmers Market last week. This is Brady who 
couldn't wait to enjoy his frozen treat before he could get home !! 

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